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I have to say last week the rainbow one was very rewarding would get multiple exp items and tons of good stuff so much so I couldn't barely use it all for how much time I had to play this one however is horrible. The amount of things I get is low and the ability to lock my way out of things I don't want is impossible unless I want to use 100 hearts which I don't ever even use to block 10 keys worth let alone 6. Ready to get this one over with so I can actually have a good chance at getting some decent bp. I understand people's hate for TH and the pay to progress problems with it but give me a chance to get decent stuff that I want at least like more elite Skilling outfits to round out my collection or more multiple wins so when I drop 50 keys I earn some good stuff and plenty of Skilling stuff not more and more poop stuff I can't even lock myself out of getting because I swear if I get another divine tree or rock I'm gonna break something.

16-Sep-2018 22:04:44

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