Black Halloween Mask for TH

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Blackwing said:
Support if it's released similarly to the black santa; so basically, not via TH to start with.

interesting but i still don't see the need for it. I would like more untradeable good looking items.
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02-Oct-2017 00:51:59



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It's all about how you release them. They could definitely make a successful, valuable, new tradeable rare if it's put out through the right medium
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02-Oct-2017 09:45:28



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Only rare if it is never discontinued. Make it the next rainbow cape if it must be rare. Otherwise any new tradable rares are just a desperate mans excuse to cheat a quick profit by hoarding as many as they can on release and sitting on unfairly raising inflating wealth.

Everybody here in support of a new tradable rare is desperately trying to make an easy profit. Quit selfishly making this game easyscape for the rich alone. Existing discontinued items are already overpowered. Use those while you still can.
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