Imcando pistols: sheath at hip

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Hey yo, its bear.

Recently, through several dozens of spins I had success during the rare token promo combined with a previous rare token stash, and I splurged on the
Imcando Pistols
I've been eyeing up for months.

I only saw them wielded one time in-game, previously. Most likely on account of being expensive in tokens and such a hard slot to get on chance.

I am aware that they are classed as a "crossbow", and I guess they also shoot bolts- I tried attacking a wolf and said I didn't have ammo for it... I also sorta thought it had on-board/self gen ammo
. I'm not bent out about the ammo.

Then I sheathed the pistols, ugh. The position is sheathed on your back like crossbows and longswords.

Please, please ^_^ let us sheath them at the hip, I don't even need a visual holster, just make it be tacked to the hip.

I had a good pirate outfit look in mind for the Imcando Pistols, involving the infrequently seen brine saber(that has a great sheathed position).

Ninja Team, Jmods, please don't let these prestigious lucky slot items items have an unsightly sheathed position.

Discuss, comment, give inputs and supports :O
Edit: * . Kk everybody, I striked out that comment. I wasn't rallying support for the ammo, I was commenting. The main cause is as titled, to get the pistols sheathed/holstered at the hip.
;) and we're gathering number in favor of it :)
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Sheathe: I support the sheathe change,
Self-gen ammo: no support for self-gen ammo, it wasnt mentioned/promised before and in my opinion should remain the way it was released.

RuneFest yet?

05-Dec-2015 19:37:14

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Support. It should be like the Heartseeker crossbow, which is the only crossbow -- AFAIK -- that sheathes at the hip.

It makes more sense this way and avoids clipping with each other when sheathed on the back, and at the same time looks cooler. Of course, the sheathed model will likely have to be shrunk (similar to Drygore maces) but IMO the pistols are too big anyway and would look better smaller.

Seeing as Jagex doesn't really have an incentive to 'fix' this (the rare tokens promo has already ended), I guess the only recourse is to report it as a clipping bug.

16-Dec-2015 20:17:19

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