Why is xp scaled to level?

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Draco Burnz said:
UrekMazino said:

LOOOOOL makes a big deal over something that doesnt matter...

> Who even cares...

You're the one making a big deal out of it, instead of admitting you were wrong for not reading and then moving on, you feel such a huge need to deflect being called out because you're so embarrassed by it that its actually hilarious.
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15-Sep-2018 04:35:47

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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UrekMazino said:

Glad to see thats over with :)

OT: Dilbert2001 said:
This is because a long long long time ago, like 13 years ago, the Gowers invented these nice xp lamps and scaled their xp rewards with players' skill levels. Jmods from all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ages of Jagex seemed to like them that way... so that's why they stay that way now. :)
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15-Sep-2018 13:35:36

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If the lamps and stars gave the same XP you get at 99 on a level 1 skill, you'd jump too many levels never getting a chance to play some of the lower level content, and then being confused not knowing how to play the game properly from skipping over too much content. Hi.

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