Advent Calander problem

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Magician of

Magician of

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I ended up getting a pinata and killed it and got my prize from the pinata, however when i destroyed other poeples pinatas for my other 4 prizes, i only got one of the 4 prizes it kept saying that i got my reward but nothing showed up in my inventory, anyone else having this problem

01-Dec-2017 00:43:13

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If it follows the other pinatas, the prize (other ppls pinatas) you win are not always a item, it can be coins (5k or something like that) and they go to your money pouch.

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Luvshiphop said:
My calender has gone poof it is no longer showing, be happy you didn't get that bug.
Click the settings button (wrench and hammer icon) to open up the Options menu. (Pressing the Esc key also works.) Click the Community button (currently a snowman icon). An interface will popup with the 4 facets of the December events, including the advent calender.
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11-Dec-2017 18:26:50

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