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Heion Kodoku
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Heion Kodoku

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Can the outfit automatically fletch bamboo into bamboo bundles when the effect activates?

So if you have 4 bambo and the effect activates on a chopped bamboo you get a bamboo bundle. also if you have at least five in your inventory.

The same will also happen with two golden bamboo

The birdnest effect does not occur with the arc...Can this be turned into a chance to get an extra bamboo branch when cutting bamboo?
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19-Sep-2017 17:31:52

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You're kidding, right? The elite skilling outfits, particularly the "master" ones, are broken enough as is. The WC one is no exception. "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

20-Sep-2017 11:30:49

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