Smouldering Lamps

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Only if you are rich in real life should you spend money on this promotion. Don't spend any if you are the average serf. The smashing relics or that supernova promo was much better. The lamp promos are bait. Look at the average number of lamps you get versus stars or other stuff. Just want to add Jagex really doesn't care about you or your enjoyment of the game by the way. The whole mental health awareness was a public relations stunt with probably some tax write-off. lol.. IF they cared about your personal well-being on this game and real life, they would put time limits on how much you can play per day or at least put recommendations and warnings about play-time. An obvious percentage of the rs player base play @ unhealthy levels, yet they don't step in to say anything about that. Not to mention flagging for amounts spent on promos and frequency.. I seriously doubt 90% of the people who are members can afford even to spend 20 bucks a week per promo. Why even take it this far Jagex? Better use of your lives making a great game rather than making money. And you really can't do both. If you make a great game, the money would come in naturally.

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