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*SIIIIIGH*. Yet again, I suppose to please corporate shareholders who couldn't give a flying stuff about gaming, they sell XP in a short-term money-grab that only causes long-term decay of the game's population.

Not to mention, with "second chance Tuesday" now lasting 2 days, you've been selling XP for over a week flat.

Given you've just hiked prices, you could have taken this as an opportunity to REALLY dampen down or stop selling XP like you PROMISED to, and like the players really want.

Instead, you just continue to aggressively make sure that long-term, the players will leave and the new players from RS mobile won't stay.

Pathetic. And yes, we've noticed that you haven't made a new thread for this, presumably to try and stifle the feedback. It won't work.

12-Apr-2018 13:02:48

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