50% more keys on dxp wknd?

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My brother got an offer for 50% more keys this morning,(the start of DXP weekend) and i didnt? Now i know this is a random promotion, but i think this is actually unfair because its dxp. Random people will get to reap the benefits of more keys on a leveling specific weekend?

19-May-2017 17:49:40

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Jagex ought to make offers to everyone and see who takes what, instead of making targeted offers which too often don't fit what people want.

I was offered 75 keys free if I buy 75 keys on my main, but I did not buy them because I have most of the items from Treasure Hunter I want, and because the account is near maxed I don't really need the XP. Plus the RNG is so bad on Treasure Hunter I am not likely to get anything worth buying keys. I don't exactly want a bunch of small stars which is what I mostly would end up getting, and that to me is not worth what the keys would cost.

On my lower level accounts where I don't have many things from Treasure Hunter yet and where I could use more XP, I am not offered any key promotions, or if I do get an offer it is for 75 keys free when you buy 75 which for me is too small a number, I would never be tempted by 75 free keys for buying 75 because its not good enough of a deal. The only offer I would be tempted to get is the buy 200 keys get 200 keys free offer, but I am never given that offer on my lower level accounts, even if I was given the offer I'm not sure I would take it, but the 200 keys offer is more appealing to me than the 75 keys free offer, but only on my lower level accounts where I need the XP, not on my main where I don't need the XP.

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