Winning 2x unique- addy chests

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Hi,long time lurker first time poster,

I feel that a nice QOL improvement would be to given two pieces of a set when you win a duplicate/2x promotion in the th. I just pulled 2x shaman's headdress from the TH adamant Chest and I only was given 1 because it is a unique non-tradable. It would have been satisfying to get 2 pieces of shaman's gear instead of receiving 1/2 of my winnings. Either that or being able to trade for another shaman set piece like other sets would have been nice. Just a thought!

13-Dec-2017 15:41:24

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Nice idea, but the way its coded you would get two of the same piece rather than a different piece you don't have yet. I'm not sure how much work it would be for them to change the coding.

If Jagex can make it so you get different pieces when you land on the multiplier, then I support.

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