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Forget sizzling summer... Introducing Slayer of Daemonheim! A new event from Treasure Hunter which will help previously maxed players reach 120 slayer and dungeoneering.

You start in the middle of of a "dungeon" and you can go out in 4 directions. Moving on to the next room won't require any keys but you might reach a challenge room which will require you to use a key to solve a puzzle for a DG related prize, or clear a room of monsters for a slayer prize.

Here's the twist: each room has 3 random 'skilling plots' of various rarity you choose to, at the cost of a key per, exhaust for a prize themed around the skill at the set rarity. You can also choose to simply move on and save yourself the key if you don't care for any of the skills that are offered in the room.

Eventually after awhile of exploring you may hit a boss room! When this happens you can spend a key to defeat the boss, completing the floor and giving you a nice dungeoneering/slayer reward but also preventing you from going back to previous tiles to claim any skilling plots. This will reset the map and go on to the next floor which will have the next dungeoneering theme and increased chances of better loot.

The general design is to allow players a little more interaction with the event while also giving more control over which kind of reward they want without having to spend hearts. This also makes it more rewarding for those who have stockpiled or purchased keys, as opposed to simply redeeming them for an instant prize.

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