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Lately I get TH lamps and stars in frozen categories. I don't want any more xp or items related to fishing so I froze it, yet I keep getting lamps and stars anyway. And no, these are not special promos or prismatic and I have lodes of Hearts of Ice so that's not the problem either. For instance, today I got a huge fishing lamp in the Fishing category. It should not be possible! Anyone else have a similar experience?

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I don't hardly ever use my hearts of ice.. Typically only if there's a super neato promotion going on and I have extra monies to buy keys, then I find I constantly have to change my heart of ice placement to get my desired effects out of it.

Though blocking off the fishing category and still getting it does seem like something is wrong. But you should recheck the categories menu to see if some get moved when the prize from the last roll in that category is no longer there. That's all I can guess really.
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