TH last outfit piece bug?

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Pine Thrush

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I decided to spend my hard-earned gp on bonds to get the full Trailblazer outfit. I got the first 19 pieces just fine without any sort of issue.
I must have spent 70+ keys on trying to get the final piece alone without any sort of success. It's stopped telling me that my next key could win a trailblazer outfit in the little window that pops up when you run out of keys. However, in the Categories screen, it's perfectly content telling me that the remaining prize in that category is the Furnished head, the one piece I am missing. I even bought 50 keys with cash and still no luck, when I was managing to get a piece of the outfit about every 10 keys or so.

Is this all one big coincidence and I've been obscenely lucky on only the last piece? I've checked Django to make sure I hadn't somehow gotten the piece before.

What's going on? I'm a bit frustrated now that I'm out of gp. Thanks in advance for any response.

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I'm pretty sure that's intentional. In my experience, the last piece almost always takes significantly longer to get than any other the other pieces leading up to it. Just another way for Jagex to keep you incentivized to keep buying their products. Missing one piece will drive you up the wall until you shell out an even more exorbitant amount of money.
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