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It’s time to celebrate the new year, as Celebration Lamps return to Treasure Hunter, giving XP across all your available skills.

From 00:00 UTC on 27th December until 23:59 UTC on 1st January 2018, use Celebration Lamps to get XP in a skill of your choice and a smaller amount in all other skills that you have access to.

If you do not want to earn Combat XP, worry not - you can right-click the ‘Inspect’ option and follow the prompts to opt out of it.

Once you’ve used a number of Celebration Lamps, the XP you receive from them will begin to increase in +2% increments, up to a maximum of +10%. The more you use, the more XP you’ll get!

This year, we’ve also brought back the global 10% XP buff for the duration of Celebration Lamps – giving you some truly awesome gains potential entering the New Year!

Have fun!

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27-Dec-2017 11:38:54

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tstill13 said:
i really hope with the changes coming to th they just get rid of solomons and put all solomons items on th get rid of the lamps.

Ummmmmm no ty.

I understand the frustration of selling exp on TH however having all of Solomon's stuff accesseable only by RNG will further frustrate and anger the playerbase.

The real problem is that the MTX team has neglected the store severely and focused on TH almost exclusively.

The opposite should happen, or at least split the development time 50/50.


27-Dec-2017 15:26:25

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Does this mean Player Owned House altars don't work during the bonus XP? I've been trying to train prayer on a different account, and it gets frustrating having to stop every time we have a bonus XP weekend because the POH altars don't work and my account would get less XP.

I don't want to use Prifddinas and have to spend more GP, I want to be able to use the dragon bones I already have in my other account's bank.
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