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tstill13 said:
i really hope with the changes coming to th they just get rid of solomons and put all solomons items on th get rid of the lamps.

I very much disagree!!- that is completely the wrong approach!!!

Thank You Jagex for the Bonus XP
All the very best for 2018 :D!!!!
Peace, One Love and Blessings =]

27-Dec-2017 18:39:16

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Meanwhile we are still waiting for T92 crossbows...

Next time you guys do all this, please bring put T95 range b4 the other two styles so that rangers don't get shafted again please and thank you!

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EDIT: Solved. First you get 12% exp bonus once you use 10 lamps, and then you get to 14% exp bonus once you use Another 20 lamps. Does it mean that to get to 16% exp, you need to use additional 30 lamps ? Dayum. It should be mentioned somewhere, because wiki says that only 10 is enough to increase bonus by 2% up to 20%.

Celebration lamps are bugged. When you use 10, the 10% exp bonus changes to 12% exp bonus. But then after you another 10, you get get nothing. I used about 25-30 lamps so far and i still get only 12% exp bonus. Can someone look into that ?
" Every 10 lamps boost the experience gained by 2% more, up to a max of 20% global and 10% for the selected skill. It is destroyed after rubbing. "

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Deja Blue
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Deja Blue

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Transcendent said:
Does this mean Player Owned House altars don't work during the bonus XP? I've been trying to train prayer on a different account, and it gets frustrating having to stop every time we have a bonus XP weekend because the POH altars don't work and my account would get less XP.

I don't want to use Prifddinas and have to spend more GP, I want to be able to use the dragon bones I already have in my other account's bank.

I noticed the same problem occurred during last year's xp buff. I am also not getting the 10% boost on my POH altar.

Is this a bug? Or is it intentional?

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