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Dream of Sin said:
Alright so I won the spring cleaner and I upgraded it while springs were of low cost, but because they removed them from treasure hunter its making the price of springs incredibly high and almost making the spring cleaner useless to use.

Also, I won the boots for agility but the Silverhawk feathers are 22k each? If you arn't stupid rich you can't even use the boots because that is way to expensive. Its like spending 22k for 100exp of agility.

1. The cleaner is useful mostly for rune items and rarely for addy items but it is still useful.

2. The boots are FAR from useless even with no charges as they are DPS HYBRID boots and they come in handy for various combat situations.

3. If you plan it right you can get feathers for much cheaper so don't whine if you don't know how the grand exchange works. Hint : keep an eye on promotional TH events and maybe you will learn when to buy the feathers(same goes for springs btw)

4. Silverhawk downs and Tight springs are constantly being rewarded from various FREE events like the menaphite coins and the sand ones.

5. Save feather charges for DXP(feathers get boosted by BXP too) and for 95 agility + for maximizing the xp per charge as much as possible.
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25-Jul-2017 00:47:07

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