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Hey all,

October is an exciting month for Live Events - we've got tons of stuff coming your way!

The beginning of the month brings us our second Charity event! Earn currency while skilling the same as with previous events, and hand them in for a brand new outfit - the Warden of the Mind robes. Missed out on the last Gielinorian Giving? Buy the Protector of the Mind outfit from Solomon's Store and those funds will proceed to our three charities - CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust and YMCA.


Coming up in October arrives a new festival, celebrating good times with friends!

Head down to the Lumbridge Crater and grab some steins, hop on up for some table dancing or help get rid of the wolpertingers, or any other of the fantastic activites available!

You might miss the Lumbridge Crater but you won't be able to miss the moving cart, which is travelling around the world and needs your help with various misfortunes!

Duskwing Outfit

Next Monday comes this awesome new outfit, available to those who redeem a green or red RuneScape card. Find it in your customisation menu, but only redeem your card after next Monday's update! Gold Premier Club members will get the outfit when logging in after the update.

On Treasure Hunter this month!

We've got some new promos, old promos and really old promos for you this month!

Smouldering Lamps will make an appearance this month, ready to burn up your bonus XP.

Mysteria is exactly that - a mystery promotion, where 6 different promotions will be cycling across the 6 days for 4 hours at a time. Look out for the following at different times:

Smouldering Lamps
Celebration Lamps
Lava Lanterns
Meteor Storm
Hydra Lamps
Supreme Stars

Time for a really old promotion return - it's the return of Ghostweave!

Gather ghostweave and form it into both old and new outfits - everything you could make last time, plus these new outfits:

Revenant outfit
Spirit Hunter outfit
Reaver outfit
Lederhosen outfit
Builder outfit
Clown outfit
Ringmaster outfit
Chicken outfit
Jester outfit

Last to talk about here is the Golden Glow - where all prizes are at least a yellow rarity, and you've got a chance of all prizes becoming orange rarity, or even red rarity!

Read on for details on the upcoming game mode, and ask your questions in this thread! We'll be around on Wednesday the 4th October to answer your q's and chat, from 3-4pm game time!
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On the 16th of October, for 10 days, new worlds will open and if you dare to join them, you will start the fight for glory, and the fight for your life. In this world, fluctuations in the anima has led to huge numbers of the dead rising again, and very few people surviving. These fluctuations have impacted the lodestone network, hindering certain types of magic and even shattering storage space for your bank.

The wizards in the Wizards Tower have destroyed all paths through to them, and are working hard to find a fix to this apocalypse. They have called on heroes from throughout the dimensions to help combat the zombie menace, and slow the ever-growing horde until the wizards can discover a way to rectify the situation.

In comes you, a hardened warrior with no fear of Zombies - right?

All players in Dimension of the Damned are given max stats in this new world. You will start in Falador and be given a few supplies to start with. You must venture out into the world and gather weapons, armour and food to improve your chances of survival...

Beware - when you are outside of Falador, you are making sounds and spreading your human scent - and the zombies know you are there. Zombies will rise up from the ground when they sense you nearby, and if you are with a group of players, you will be making more noise and attracting more zombies. The only safe place is inside the walls of Falador.

Your ultimate goal in Dimension of the Damned is to get a hiscore good enough to put you in the finale. You will be able to start your scoring run at any time during the 10 day competition, and once started you have one hour to get the best score you can by slaying zombies. Die and your score will be reduced, but risks are worth taking as you can restart your scoring run at any time, as many times as you want.

The top 1000 players on the DotD hiscores at the end of the 10 day competition (23:59 on 25th October) will go through to take part in the finale on the 28th October. Keep your ears open for news on what warped changes the finale will make.

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Flare-f0x said:
It's not too related to this month's events, but are you all satisfied with chocolates and how they're 1:1 only? Any chance of them being freely-traded so we can stock up on them and trade them freely (not through the ge)? They're pretty good consumables but the fact we can't stock up on them makes them seem not so good.

Not something we'd be looking to change at this time I believe. Sorry!
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04-Oct-2017 17:33:33

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