Lava Lanterns = Lava Lamps?

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Nexecutioner said:
I mean, nobody knows what lies within the heads of game developers....

But does anyone think that Lava Lamps will be a follow up to this promotion? Before Dxp kicks off? Or do you think we won't see them again until next year or something...

You're right but the names are wrong.

"Smouldering Lamps" and "Lava Lanterns" and yes, according to wiki they both do pretty much the same. Now, I am not sure but wiki seems to show lava lanterns as 150% tops with 75% base xp and an extra 75% for the bxp on some pages and 200% on others. smouldering lamps give 200% so there might actually be a bit of a difference.

EDIT : I misread the wiki page, forgive me. The lamp uses bxp and the lantern gives bxp. So 1 lava lantern is a
star + lamp
and a lamp is
lamp xp + bxp

Dunno... Personally if you're going for mass key buys I'd go for the meteors and stardust or something like that. I prefer bxp to xp.
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