Farming dummies please Jagex

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Hello MTX team

Having spent probably close to 10k on spins, I am requesting the implementation of farming dummies as the next set of skilling dummies.

I made good use of your hunter dummies racking up 175m experience points on the most recent double experience weekend, Fingers crossed for the next double experience points weekend you will finally give us farming dummies.

Thanks a lot and keep making the game better with skilling dummies!

05-Nov-2016 09:45:58

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Not really, I don't. Just think Treasure Hunter should get more of a use than straight XP showers, it could be used to give unique items, and I can assure you this'll get them more key buyers interested in unique items/outfits, please do take a look at the compliments complaints of every single TH promotion thread giving XP without doing anything. Retro Dragon Claws Overrides

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Axiomatic said:
No support. XP shouldn't be just thrown at you while you're just AFKing on a dummy, you've done no work, therefore don't deserve a single XP you get. You're already showered in "Free XP" as it is.
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05-Nov-2016 10:23:31

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