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Tom Grey said:
What is going on? January has 1 update (Stalker creatures) and the rest are all bug fixes and few additions which should just be patch notes. Replayability of the quest/event is not an update whatsoever.

We start February with replayability of the boss previously available in game through MXT.

Stop calling this new content when you also:

1. Create good looking outfits available only through MXT.
2. Create an event to obtain faceless assassin gear through MXT.
3. Create a cave for divination training D&D also through MXT.

Then you have the audacity to release those apologetic posts and videos all the time, saying that things will change. This is a disgrace. Either stop saying lies every time you communicate with us, or stop with MXT>Real content strategy.

ppl wanted jagex to focus more on qol / ninja fixes so thats what there doing.. if you saw their video on the plans for 2018 u'll see they have some good stuff coming out

1. ppl were upset with all the "blatant xp selling" on TH so they incorporated more cosmetics insead of pure xp
2. same thing with #1 BUT if u wanted 2 put in the grind u coulda done it without spending a single dollar
3. all the prizes can be purchased through the ge so u dont have to spend a dime of your real life skeeters for tainted memories
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