"75 keys doubled" if purchased

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I was just offered a "one time" deal to buy 75 keys and get "75 more keys for free", but when I clicked on the link and paid for the 75 Key package, I only received 75 keys and no 75 free keys like promised. Here in Michigan it is illegal to do this, "bait-and-switch", why is there no way to contact Jagex directly? I only paid for the 75 keys because I was supposed to get another 75 keys for free, Jagex needs to correct this error.... course I'll be blocked and banned for mentioning that they fucked up, but whatever, they won't miss the couple grand a year I pay them for their stupid shit....

21-Feb-2019 21:57:48

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CM Neriphyra said:
Thank you both for reporting this to us; I am sorry to hear this, and while I will also share your reports with the team, I recommend to use this support article here:, where you will find a "Contact Us" button at the end to directly get the support team to help you.

This article is about common issues with your credit card but the contact button can be used as long as you provide as much information as possible in the "other information" space.

I hope this helps and I am moving this thread to the "Community Led Payment Support" in the meantime as well.

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22-Feb-2019 01:35:32

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