Cloak of the ancient guardians

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I just came up with an idea of an item similar to the Cloak of seasons, but related to the ancient guardians from Desert Treasure.


For most warriors, the Cloak of seasons might be too fabulous ;)

How to obtain?

While skilling, a player gets a chance of finding diamonds that will be used to create four cloaks. The more lazy players could get them via TH.

How does it work? (example)

Every 10 minutes of Firemaking you get a diamond of smoke. Collect 20 of these to create a Fareed cloak.
Then, create a Kamil/Dark/Light cloak in a similar way, using different skills to obtain their corresponding diamonds. When you have all four – combine them to create a Cloak of the ancient guardians (tradeable). When combined, the cloaks get extra particles and one can switch between them freely.

The cloak could be added as a
Hearts of fire
promo item.

01-Oct-2017 20:23:02

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