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I have an idea for this in ways that could benefit everybody. instead of re-releasing the old party hats, how about this.

1) Make a short (week long) TH event with a fairly large series (maybe 5) of less impressive looking cosmetic versions that you have to create with Partyhat Fragments, similar to the 15th anniversary partyhat. maybe make different colors of each fragment for the different colors of partyhat released.

2) Make these new partyhats all untradeable, and require maybe 500-1000 fragments to make each complete cosmetic partyhat.

3) Give TH gems only a small portion of the necessary Partyhat fragments. 25-50 in yellow and oranges. 100-150 in red tops?

Any ideas? ^_^

EDIT: Removed 4-6 because too many people disagree with adding a tradable rare. so I'm changing this to "Cosmetic Party Hat event" for the people who want partyhats but cant seem to make 4bil.
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Whatusaytome said:
Draco Burnz said:
No support.

explain why you don't support it or don't comment please.

Because paper hats shouldn't cost more than the best combat gear there is :P so no support from me also, and IMO all existing paper hats should be made untradeable or removed from play.
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