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Rossmallo said:
And not a single beat was missed.

So much for change.

Yes, because a multi-million company is going to fully halt service that brings them nearly 40% of their yearly revenue over a few hundred people making memes on reddit. We're lucky they're even making changes, accept it or move on with your life, you don't even play the game according to your signature. They never said they were going to be removing exp related promos anyway so not sure why you're upset over this promo, it's not even OP either like hydra/smoulding lamps.

The entitlement within this community is crazy, Jagex probably don't even have a major stake on Treasure Hunter anymore yet people like you think they'll suddenly stop because a few people are upset about it. RS isn't ran by the passionate people who created it, its ran by businessmen, and owned by major investors. That is common in every-day life and happens frequently in the game industry, yet it's something people refuse to accept when it comes to this game.

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yes 40%, go Google their accounts statement for 2016.

I heard that quote, and like I said that was over 11 years ago when the Gower Brothers, the passionate creators of the game decided how it was run. Times change, the gaming world is largely all business nowadays and investors make commands. RS is no different. Ranking has been pointless for years ever since people started maxing their accs/exp, all TH has done is make it even more pointless. And people's demands for QoL updates (more afk, high exp rates) did that long before TH did.

also nobody in game i've ever encountered cares about MTX or even remotely has an idea it's a topic of controversy. They're busy playing the game, bossing, skilling, questing. Not caring about what others do with their accounts, you know?

Btw this isn't my main lol, this is an OSRS account I use. I've a maxed main and do not feel my accomplishments have been devalued whatsoever. It's my time, and my account. I am happy with how I progressed it; I have no care for how others choose to do so.

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