Th rework

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I would like a th rework so here is how it would work.

Remove the 15 keys from bonds

Replace the 15 keys with daily activities. With daily activities you will get a random activity every day for 1 month buyable for 1 bond. Example: kill 100 corrupted creatures. You would receive 2 th keys each day for 1 month upon completing an activity. This would be a good way to get everyone involved into th. The 15 buyable keys is splitting the community up so I thought this would be a good replacement bringing the community together. You would still receive your daily keys and earned keys in game like it is right now.

27-Feb-2018 18:05:15

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The ability to buy treasure hunter keys with bonds is there for people who do not want to pay real life money for keys. Therefore, I do not support the removal of this ability. :(

I will support 'monthly challenges' in return for additional treasure hunter keys.

Also, can you expand on how the community is being split up from the ability to use bonds to buy keys? I'm curious. :)

28-Feb-2018 15:04:22 - Last edited on 28-Feb-2018 15:06:12 by Crystalee

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I like the idea of adding challenges to earn TH keys that encourage community interaction, but I'm also not a fan of the idea of removing the option to exchange bonds for keys. I think that is essential to bonds maintaining a high demand for bonds.

I agree with Crystalee, wholeheartedly.

28-Feb-2018 18:43:45

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