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Blackwing said:
Removing 2CT promos was so unsustainable that you had to have a promo each and every day some other way, huh? Remove TH and focus on Solomon's store instead, thanks.

Mod Kalaya said:
The one exclusion is the Christmas Pinatas which you’ll see on the 1st December and then throughout December 1st-25th – break these open to receive awesome goodies and chances at the new Christmas Rares! And those rares are...

So are these going to be those "rares" again that won't really be rares if you re-continue them in the future?

not seeing whats the issue with advent, theyve had it every december for the past 2 years...

I thought the cosmetics were just gonna be a free random prize though, dissapointed ironman are left out again. :(

Boldly Rule said:
War tortoise said:
SMH and here I thought the prizes were just gonna be free advent prizes, nope!

looks like you just buffed christmas loot pinatas...


the way i see it 9 lost bank space in this case

all of these items sans 1 are cosmetics, just clam 1 token and sell the spares, unless you really want to keep tokens lying arround.

only the present item isnt an override it goes in your hand slot, but once you claim it you can just send it to diango.
*~War Tortoise

01-Dec-2017 06:16:39

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