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If it is a full yes we get squeal all over basically.
Its would be a useless, a waste of time and a waste of money to remove TH.

I only use the free keys but there are a lot of people that do buy the keys and that's a good thing for the servers and updates :P.

On the other side i really hate the mass XP form TH, but we cannot change it (look back at squeal).
All of this was already confirmed by Jagex back at the start of TH.

I really do not see any point in a thread like this.
If people still buy keys Jagex will just make another version open.
So we get less good updates, because of all those polls etc.

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Do online game players really don't know how REAL WORLD businesses are run?

For those who really don't know, let me tell you they look at their sales, not the "comments" or "polls" from some random Joes. If everybody doesn't buy hambergers because they are scientifically proven unhealthy then nobody will need to tell Micky D through a "poll" or their big "suggestion boxes" that can hold 50 gallons of water they will replace Big Macs with Cabbage Burgers perhaps. :P

It is just that simple. The reason Jagex, and as a matter of fact ALL online game deverlopes, said MTX is going to stay because THERE ARE LOTA OF CUSTOMERS, and in fact, that's THE WAY online game players lplay all these games NOWADAYS.

Sorry to those people who think fast food make them obese and unhealthy... hambergers and pizzas are going and going and going and going... probably forever since THERE ARE CUSTOMERS regardless of what these people say... and they are probably stuffing Big Macs into their mouths when they say how bad fast food is. ;)

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Blackwing said:
Ahura said:

It's true that the forums aren't always the most accurate representation of people, but looking at Reddit where even more people are active, they are just as against TH. Hell, it was thanks to the redditors that the previous MTX statement was done in the first place. Plus, people from OSRS would surely come and vote for TH's removal as well, since it'd be in their best interest if "neither end of the ship was sinking".

Btw, just curious, what makes you believe that TH is a main income to Jagex? I get that it's very visible all the time, but not only do the financial statements point out that membership income is the majority of Jagex's income, they also only show MTX as MTX in general. MTX includes bonds (which are on both games, so double the audience) and runecoins, so we don't really know just how much TH matters there. Some jmod might have said somewhere that TH is too important to remove, but companies like Jagex love to put out such PR anyway, so I wouldn't trust it without actual evidence to prove it.
Yeah, Reddit has had a big impact on this process. I wonder if Jagex starts asksing a whole lot of players ingame what their opinion is I don't think as much people are against certain updates/promos that may seem very unpopular if you look at forums or Reddit.

Well, it's what you hear Jagex saying all the time, that they need mtx to ensure quality updates. If you look at TH every week there is a new promo while SGS only gets something new every few months. Besides TH not only give cosmetics but also actual game benefits unlike SGS, so it's likely that significantly more money is spend on keys than RC. But like you say I too am curious whether it's keys or membership that's #1 when it comes to income.
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