Treasure Hunter and Alice.....

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Jul Member 2016


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First, I am not here to badger back and forth about all the disagreements people on the MTX thing and blah blah stuff arguing about Treasure Hunter.

I am simply here so say this.

JAGEX, thank you for Alice!!!!

I think she is wonderful. And if she is drawn up from the characteristics of a real person, well commend her too. She is lovely, I enjoy seeing her when I log in for my keys.
The way she waves, touches her hair, brushes her hair a little. That looks so pleasant.

And, well maybe drop her a hint for me. She changes up outfits from time to time.
So it would so please me, during the summer or the Beach Party Event if she could simply show up once in a while in a bikini. I would really like to see that, THANKS!!!!

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