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Hopefully it's not too hard.

With these types of promos I tend just to aim for one set, and see if i can prestige any higher. And then just buy the token on the ge.

Like in all honesty - how many people actually wear the outfit after the promos over? I hardly see ppl in death lotus, zombie (that isnt keepsakable btw!), Dragon heads (obviously not keepsakeable for reasons but it'll be almost eventually impossible to find ppl to do the "dragon" ), and the Disco outfit.
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this is gonna be a whole lotta bullshit busy work for a outfit that aint even that good looking.. oh well better then xp i suppose even tho i want those improved lava lanterns to come back "all we are is dust in the wind"

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I donít do anything else on here so I donít mind doing some tasks. Nice outfit.
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Blackwing said:
Uh-oh, the unstable bingo card type promo is back! > )

Bingo card type promo's effect:

Toss a coin and call heads or tails; if you call it right, the tasks are actually feasible to do without using keys. If you call it wrong, the card will be a zombie bingo card reincarnate.


But yeah, even though this isn't an exp promo, which is nice, it can still be easily abused by Jagex and thus, the outfits should be put on Solomon's store instead.

Lol I actually did the Zombie card one without buying keys, I can confirm I hated it but I wanted the Zombie outfit badly

Oh and it'll likely be a zombie card sequal. Bet 1 of the requirements is gonna be to catch 5 Dragon implings XD
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"New Assassins have come out of the shadow in the lands of Gielinor, and beckon you to join them. "

That would have been an epic introduction to a Quest.
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23-Jan-2018 20:46:38

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Mod†Kalaya said:
Note that the subcontracts cannot be banked due to the functionality change if you fully complete the contract.

Orrrr, you could make them not turn into XP lamps when you're done so that we can bank them.

Since you're supposed to be cutting down the OP XP rubbish anyway, what would the problem with this be? I get that the point of this is ultimately to sell keys to the lazy people, but all having it work this way does is make you have to put off doing keys at all when you've only got "perfectly doable" tasks left, making it rather annoying/ironically making people feel forced to get the tasks done themselves rather than getting the subcontracts.

Probably too late to change this one, but in the future, it would probably be a super good gesture to the players if you changed the 'post card'' function of the 'skip tokens' to something that makes them okay to bank.

23-Jan-2018 20:46:47

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