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Lions RAWR said:
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There are 2 kinds of gambling:

1. Game of chance

2. Game of chance and skill

Before anyone says you always win a prize and says it's not gambling, it is. You are gambling for the chance at Elite skilling outfits..

By this logic, anything in the game that involves RNG is gambling right?

-Kill a boss and you roll a chance for a pet.
-open a clue casket and roll a chance for a dye.

These don't involve skills, they involve hitting a number on a wheel with a set chance of getting the item.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of seeing elite skilling outfits on TH that will be in game anyway. I think its a last minute sell out. But in a game of RNG, anything is a gamble.

so is crossing the road gambling too? is living a gamble?

OP is refering to gambling that costs money via MTX. When you pay for membership you get to play however you wish and drop tables are known with known drop rates anyway so it's not the best example.

RNG based drops and the TH are not the same and should never ever be thought of as such.

If i am rich i can pay my way through the odds and get what i want eventually. If i am willing to put the time and effort into bossing I will be rewarded for it but not because I have more money outside the game.
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29-Mar-2018 06:03:23

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