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Stratus said:
Tophurious said:
Stratus said:
People again missing the point. Cosmetics on TH are okay. Breaking a single outfit into 5 rare drops so you have to buy $50+ in keys to get the whole set and not have a single piece that's worthless by itself... that's not okay. Jagex, one outfit token, and a weapon token, or put it on solomans.

Use gp and buy the tokens genius

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Someone still has to pay at some point. Some will. I'd rather see some actual cosmetics put into the direct cash shop. Then maybe I'll spend a little. This expectation of people paying for a chance at items is just gross and I'm dissapointed that we still have to deal with it so much.

there are 250m accounts... free spins... and people sell stuff on ge.
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11-Jan-2018 05:41:44

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