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Dilbert2001 said:
Kale100 said:
100% strawman. Please get out from under your bridge once in a while to learn about logic.

I'm simply asking for product specifications.

I have already stated clearly that you can ask for the same "product specifications" from all kinds of companies, e.g. Burger King but you can ask doesn't mean they should always respond. In fact, none of the companies ever provide such "product specifications". If they don't say it is a one time offer, it means the same offer may or may not be put up later. It is simple logic and consumer are required to be aware of that by LAWS in everywhere in the WORLD.

Actually if you go online to Burger King's website you can find nutrition facts 'product specifications' of all of their products. When an offer is implied as one-time through terminology that it's customers have had a solid concept of for nearly 15 years, a company has an ethical responsibility to inform their customers if that understanding is incorrect.

27-Dec-2017 22:22:40

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