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In NXT it is possible to choose at what FPS the game is able to run. You can make the FPS equal to the monitor's refresh rate, half the refresh rate or a quarter of that. This is somewhat limited so I want to propose the option to choose your own, maybe in increments of 5, to get the FPS that works the best for you.

With the graphic settings that I have most the time, 'quarter' won't use much CPU, but at 15 FPS it's just not smooth gameplay at all. Then there is the option 'half' which is an FPS of 30, this is more than enough for me but my computer uses a lot of CPU for that. I would like to be able to choose in between so I can experiment a bit and find out what FPS is good or me.

My other idea is adding graphics settings presets. If you play with different graphic settings depending on what you're doing or depending on what computer you're playing on, it would help if you could easily switch between multiple presets you have, instead of having to switch every option manually. You also don't have to remember anymore what yourideal graphic settings were for each activity or computer you're on.
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08-Jun-2017 01:13:36

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Support for manually choosing FPS cap. Also, I would like a toggle to keep framerate locked even when the window isn't in "focus" as this has become a problem recently (goes from 60fps to 30).

19-Sep-2017 17:45:36

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