Seers' Village Rework

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The coming update does look good from the images above. I too am curious about the placement of the bank and lodestone.

Also, will there still be a spinning wheel available for flax? Wondering where it will be in correlation to the flax field and bank. Or will it be at the farmhouse?

I've also wonder why there is a path leading to a south gate at McGrubor's Wood which cannot be used. Is this a gate that can be opened somehow?

Maybe you'll find it silly, but my biggest concern is the existing penguin traps. I work with World60pengs, moving penguins into places where people can spy them easily. It seems every time there is a graphical update we end up losing some traps.

When Canifis was updated we lost a penguin trap, but thankfully there are others outside town we can still use. When Catherby/WWM was updated we lost another trap and the ability to do big multi herds because penguins can no longer move past the mountain (jealous of Mega-Duck).

Currently there are 2 traps in Seers Village we can use, one of which is a common self trap and a huge convenience (the Elemental Workshop building west of the bank). The other is by the yew trees in the church graveyard. It seems obvious we'll lose at least one, possibly both. Also, with the WWM overhaul, a new small trap was found east of the castle, which seem will be another one lost with this rework.

Could you try to keep the workshop layout intact or at least ensure we have another trap to replace it? Right now, the workshop trap catches many of the penguins that spawn south and west of Seers.

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Given you didn't add the bank, workshop and lodestone, I figured I'd suggest some spots.

Imgur link

This, in my opinion, would be a great placement for the three.

Like this, Seers' Village will still be a great place for Invention due to the close range between bank, workbench and lodestone.

This aside, it looks great and I'm looking forward to it!

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Could you please put the spinning wheel very, very close to the bank so it's actually worth using? Maybe put it on the first floor of the bank? That way, combined with the seers village task rewards, we'll finally have a semi-viable way to process the immense amounts of flax many people have from PvM that aren't worth processing due to significantly faster ways to obtain bowstring (temple trekking).

Please? :/

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Supertje said:

Just a head's up; your link is broken. Back to the topic at hand:

Seer's village used to be a major cornerstone of players' firemaking/ fletching training. To memorialize that past; maybe there could be some additional npc dialogue, npc to player interactions, or landmarks relating to the mentioned past? Also, I feel the Seers' council could have more depth to their involvement with the village, or make the courthouse partly home to the council's chambers?

The map still needs more details, such as the anvil building for ele workshop. As a side question, will we be seeing any changes to the coal trucks/seers' headbands with the upcoming mining/smithing rework? As coal/ores can be amassed more quickly with pvming vs skillers; I feel there is a need to update existing mechanics to spur more activity in Seers'.

Tis a schmexy redesign, that's for sure

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Looking great so far! I too am wondering about the placement of the bank, but I love the idea of the Camelot castle being worked into the mountain. ^_^

I noticed that your link was broken, as you used the wrong BBcode (don't blame you though; it is quite confusing sometimes! :P)

If you want to share a picture on the forums, you will have to use the following BBcode:

[imgur src=leqnHzt.png]

which will result in (Supertje32's pic, not mine!):

I agree with you that the [link url=][/link] BBcode would have been more logical to use, but I guess this was not possible. :P

Have a great day / DXP!
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I have updated the OP to include further info on that image.

Bank is top-middle. Lodestone would be in roughly same place. Bottom-Left is a Seers council house. The others is a house.

18-Feb-2017 16:09:10

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