Seers' Village Rework

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Deltaslug said:
Reluctant to ask, but which building is the Elemental Workshop (and smithing place ... though that element isn't as important as it once was)?

Top left. Combined with the coal trucks. And we will likely add in a forge too.

18-Feb-2017 16:38:36

Infinity Tao
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Infinity Tao

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In my opinion, I'll like to see that the entrance to Elemental Workshop is inside the Ore Trucks & Building combo because of the context and ties to mining/smithing process explored/mentioned during the Workshop quests' journals. It seems to fit the backstory - the original purpose of the Ore Trucks wouldn't be revealed until you discover the workshop.

In addition, is it purely graphics rework for Seer's Village and the castle or will there be a few new NPCs e.g. local dwarven miners wandering around in the Ore Trucks & Building combo?

Overall, the map looks excellent.
(EDIT: Oh, Mod Kelpie already answered about the Elemental Workshop being in the Ore Trucks & Building combo.)

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Will McGrubor's Wood and Galahad's house be included? You never were our brightest star, Khazard. 'Vermin slaughtered like lambs'? What does that even mean?

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x Tah x
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Looks good so far

Perhaps outside of the scope of the project but going to mention anyways, although we appreciate a graphical rework of an area, often then not it lacks engagement over time because reworked cities are competing with Prifdinnas. Which results in just another dead put pretty city.

I am not suggesting every city needs to be akin to the great crystal city but it maybe worth thinking about addition of a couple pieces of content that continue to engage the player over time.
Seers village could be a perfect area to introduce:

1. Woodcutting guild
Including an array of tree types, ivy (with a buffed up spawn rate) + Relocation of the crystal tree? Perhaps a bonfire which gives a small addition xp buff.
2. Farming guild - because we love watermelons ^.^


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