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Please make it so that the more you risk, the more likely your chances of receiving an emblem : )

This would be fair for all the very low level pures who would be willing to risk 1m + to have a chance at an emblem for personal pk records etc. It would allow for more profit to be gained since people may risk more aswell :D

19-Sep-2014 22:44:14

Bru Up Bro
Mar Member 2019

Bru Up Bro

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ok so you get 30min ban if you log out, what if you really dont want to fight someone who has major levels on you? surely this is unfair there must be a way of skipping someone you dont want to fight?

20-Sep-2014 01:06:04

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Glad to see swift changes without the use of a poll which would have given this broken update even more time to be abused.

To all of the people whining about these updates because you want to keep abusing this system, none of the content here bypasses anything polled previously.
Molon Labe

20-Sep-2014 01:16:57

Maxed Alpha

Maxed Alpha

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Wowowowowow dont make it 6 minutes on death!!??

What about a limmit of 2 minutes after killing and get killed by ur target?
So you dont get a new target while looting, instantly after killing first one.
But why the F 6 minutes on death????
Are the 6 minutes for real??

It takes me less then 1 minute to get fully geared and be ready for next target inside wilderness...
...Now i have to wait 6 minutes befor i can go pk again...

If i wanted to kill Rouges i would go pvp world, or whats the point of having both?
This will just split up the pk community once more, and makes it pointless to have PVP worlds.

If you just died and lost your items you will lose motivation of playing/pking if you, for example:
1. You DIE x times in a row
2. You lose the EMBLEMS your despirately tried to get to 10
3. And you have to wait as long as 6 minutes every time you die so you can have a REAL chanse of thinking about the items and EMBLEMS you just lost.
I bet most people would rage quit...

You going to get damn depressed, and lose your PASSION for PKing.

Point of target system is of course to get BETTER LOOTS then regular pking.

But if you also make the tire 10 emblem only worth about 1m compaired to the worth of the items...
WAAAW... so I need to get a streak of 10 targets in a row, that is aswell trying their best to kill me, to get that damn tire 10 emblem...?

and now worth only 1m??!!!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! wait whaaaaat??
And most of the times you going to lose the emblem on the way to tire 10.

The peoples that are supporting the changes like the 6 minutes penalty on death... I'm very sure that THEY did not think clear.

If you needed to get the boosters away... how about everyone will need SILVER SKULL to even have a chanse of getting a target????

20-Sep-2014 12:32:31

Nov Member 2018


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My biggest issue with bounty hunter are the people with hundreds of mil worth of gear that refuse to skull.

It happens regularly, I’ll get matched with a target that doesn’t want to skull because they are “risking too much”. Thus , forcing me to either attack them and be a major disadvantage because of their gear ( ags, dclaws, etc. ) while they don’t even have to worry about losing.

Or I can abandon my target, which is silly.

I’d like to see an implementation of an automatic skull while on the bounty hunter worlds. It would either discourage people from taking advantage of other people at no risk, or have them risk the high prices items they are using to fight you with.

26-Nov-2018 21:42:08

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