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Os Thaddius said:
"Cannot see monster loot if they did not do 100% of the damage"

inb4 multi-combat ironman griefing...
inb4 single-combat ironman griefing...

(attacking every monster, at least 1-2 hits, in any given combat area, one at a time, making sure they no longer have full hp, purposely sabotaging whole areas against ironmen)

This will be a constant problem, and one that I guarantee will be the single most hated aspect of ironman...

You will need to place this down to 51% in order to side-step the certainty of griefing by the many, many asshats that play runescape.

08-Oct-2014 07:31:34



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iEatOwnPubes said:
IronNoBank said:
Yes were you expecting potions without herblore levels?

so u can if ur 99 herb?

Disregard IronNoBank.

I submitted my question for the Q&A and Mod John C confirmed that you WILL be able to buy potions from NMZ.

08-Oct-2014 22:43:07

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