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Not sure if I like the Last: RSN on top

I can see why it might be helpful for houses but for CC's you need to move mouse further

I know you're gonna hate what I'm about to say Ash... but

Edit: Just thought of another small idea that would make joining last CC's even easier:

- Right click option added to the "join chat" in CC interface "Join Last Chat" to join the last CC you were in. Could even be a toggle to make it left-clickable

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1def pure waiting for that resizeable window update, or an official guide on how to resize your client for a larger view.
an official guide by one of your many youtubers on payroll would probably boast your 2007 scape community numbers 10fold if continued guides of similar importance occured frequently over the course of a few years.
thanks for replying to this and i hope to see these things polled. :)
ofc true 07scapers would have the option to continue playing on fixed eyedrop mode, but being the 6year or more rs veteran I am, my eyes just can't take it.

03-Oct-2014 00:11:30

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a zoom feature for fixed mode would also suffice*
kind of let down iron man is coming out before something as obviously needed at this.
and for OSRS, if it isn't already as hard as gets - iron man isn't making things any harder. only hardcore mode :P

03-Oct-2014 00:13:17

Fe got
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Fe got

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Bigsy said:
i would adore seeing a full screen option with current graphics please give info on if this is an option...

Yeah, what ever happened to that sneak preview of the resizable client?

03-Oct-2014 16:37:00

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Now that you've got a new artist, can you please have him whip up some designs for items that failed for a redesign? I'm really mostly concerned with dragon pick. I've seen people say that Alfred's model "didn't look oldschool" (I personally liked it and I hate RS3), but what I think doesn't "look oldschool" is having a dragon item that is just a recolor. Dragon items are suppose to be unique, and recolors were only done because you didn't have a graphical artist at the time. Let's fix this :D
Molon Labe

04-Oct-2014 00:47:04

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