Dev Blog: Poll #26 Revisited

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The introduction of an amulet that will give a significant benefit to barrows is welcome if it makes the gameplay more enjoyable but...and here comes the but...some of the upgrades ain't fun.


I dont see an improvement over using other spells, attire and staffs of what the conjuction of the Ah full set will give me. Not for training is a sure thing, since iban upgraded staff and the spell that comes with it, while wearing an occult necklace is the best in terms of cheap high damage output in the modern spell book, and the low requirement of 50 magic to use. Using some of the god spells with Ahrims would be better.
Ancients...the +30% could be nice when trying to rush someone because of the delay of the barrages to show damage (hitting a 39 with ice barrage would be impressive). Add a good gs or maul combo delivers a good chance of ko but seriously, 1/4 chance to that to actually happen, dissapoints me.


The increased defence would be great to afk some enemies and use less food while doing some slayer tasks but then again, the full set effect implies that we have to stick to torag hammers...those ones who everyone in the game neglects since there's better crushing weapons, both one handed (zamorakian hastae+ rune defender/obby shield/dfs) and 2h (godswords, barrelchest anchor, saradomin sword), the hammers have good stats but theyre lame for a lvl 70 attack & str requirement to wield. I would like to propose that torag had a special attack named "Siphon" that steals defence and attack levels equal of 1/4 of the damage done to the enemy and transfers it to the player stacking up to 23 levels. These levels would be reverted if any piece of the set is removed.

The amulet would be more atracctive if the speed of the barrows weapons got raised by 1 tic when using the amulet, an effect that could be called "Berserk mode", that includes the autocasting in ahrims too.

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Dead content apart from the guthan's effect. It's a degradable item, that will be fairly difficult to obtain.

Dharock: a lot of dh'ers use scimmy, why use the amulet when they don't even want to risk whip.

Karil's: While strong, its too much risk, when there are better pking options: void/zerkers/dh.

ahrim: There is some potential with rushing. Autocasting does nothing for rushing. Stod + occult = 37 max hit versus 39 with ahrim effect. However stod+occult is a persistent effect.

Torag's: Absolutely Useless. You don't want to tank anything with low hp, regardless of how the chances of getting hit. Magic dmg= good fight.

Verac's: +7 prayer glory vs a fury amulet. No need to extend trips at saradomins.

Guthan: +10 base hp. Very useful item. Only effect that's not garbage. Can be taken out situationally to preserve its charge*

** DR: Poor update doesn't do what it's meant to do. Only good effect is on guthans which needs no buff.

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