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Small Loan

Small Loan

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This looks like ****scape all over again.. *1 week after* .. Vote on Evolution of Combat gets through!, pleeeeeeease.. can you keep this somewhat abit "oldschool" related? and not pop in fancy starwars equipment like that?.. make something that would fit into this game.. not like it was taken way out of context... this is by far the worst news i've come across..

17-Oct-2014 16:27:31 - Last edited on 17-Oct-2014 16:28:08 by Small Loan

Mycmbt lvl2

Mycmbt lvl2

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Oh brother. I can understand wanting new bosses because people are progressing more and more towards absolute end game... But I wish it would result in original loot...

Like the obby shields for mage/rangers... Those were neat. Not completely OP dustoffs from an entirely different era of Runescape.

Bringing back ely shield with those stats is the beginning of the end. What next, curses? Soul split and leeches? Just a slippery slope. I'd wager this is the drop off for OSRS' player base.

17-Oct-2014 20:10:15

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