Amulet of the Damned & CWA

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Amulet of the Damned & CWA

This week's Old School update is here and it is a big one for Barrows lovers. The amulet of the damned and the flaemtar bag are sure to spice up Shades of Mort'ton, too!

We are trying out a new layout for our update posts this week. To see the details of each of the updates, click the heading. Let us know what you think!


Amulet of the Damned & Flamtaer bag

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Bounty Hunter rewards hats & granite clamp

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Potion decanting changes

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Clan Wars: Classic Arena (CWA)

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In other news... 

  • The Mansion of Death has now been removed.
  • Gargoyles can now be found in Nieve's cave
  • Tweaked the models of Ahrim's skirt and body to resolve a poly count issue.
  • Fixed a typo on an elite clue scroll.
  • Fixed a stretching issue on the Armadyl d'hide body.
  • You can no longer stake a stack of items if the total stack of spoils will be great than 2147M due to inventory space limits.
  • Lumbridge castle now has a back door leading out of the kitchen.
  • The alchemy price of the blessed spirit shield has been lowered from 840,000 coins to 720,000 coins.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Ironmen from picking up drops if another player had the same drop on the same tile.
  • Ironmen should once again receive drops from monsters when some damage is dealt by other NPCs and recoil.
  • In Combat, your opponent’s attack option should now always appear on top.
  • When creating an ultimate iron man account, IronNoBank is now credited.

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hey ash, just wana let you know there is numerous spelling errors, for instance.

The existing healing effect can your health to 10 above your base Hitpoints level when the amulet of the damned is worn. (pretty sure it should read "Can *increase* your health to 10 above your base";)

The had will change between two styles depending on whether you have more target kills (blue design) or rogue kills (red design). (Pretty obvious error here with it saying had instead of hat)

Gave up reading after those 2 errors, so might be more =P

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