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Membership Price Information

In the first quarter of 2015, the standard price of RuneScape membership will be increasing.

If you're a member when the price rise happens, you'll see no change. You'll stay at your price as long as your active membership started before the date of the price rise. This applies for all previous grandfather rates, for those of you who've been subscribed for a long time.

Should your membership end, you'll keep any lower price you're eligible for, as long as you resubscribe within 14 days. After that, though, you'll be moved to the new price.

Premier Club sign-ups will open from 1st of December, which offer a great way to lock in your membership price.

We have some really big plans for Old School such as the new continent and new slayer content which we spoke about at Runefest. As always, you will continue to be central to everything we do with control firmly in your hands via the polls.

First and foremost, our aim is to keep giving you awesome RuneScape content, and the very best value for your membership.

Huge thanks for your ongoing support. If you have any questions, be sure to read the FAQ.

The RuneScape Team


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How much will the new price be?

The new price will be announced in early 2015, before the price rise itself happens. While the exact amount isn't finalised yet, it will remain competitive when compared to other MMOs.

When are you increasing the price?

The price increase will happen in the first quarter of 2015. We will announce the date in advance, closer to the time.

Why are you increasing the price?

In short: in order to keep giving you the very best content possible. We are continuing to invest in RuneScape, and the price increase is one part of assuring RuneScape's future for many years to come.

What will happen to my existing subscription when the price increases?

Any existing subscription agreement will be honoured for as long as it remains in effect, in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions. That means that you get to keep your existing price, as long as your membership remains unbroken. For example, if you are on a monthly agreement to pay $7.95, you will continue to pay that amount until your subscription ends.

My subscription ended. Am I no longer eligible for my lower subscription rate?

We allow a 14-day grace period, during which you may start a new subscription agreement and retain any lower subscription rates for which you are eligible.

If I get moved onto the new price by accident, can you switch me back?

No. We cannot switch you back if you've moved onto the new price. If you want to keep one of the old, lower subscription rates, you will need to re-subscribe within 14 days of the relevant subscription agreement ending.

Will the real-world price of Bonds increase?

Yes. The real-world cost of Bonds will increase to reflect the new subscription cost.

Will this affect the in-game price of Bonds?

Most likely, yes. It's hard to say exactly how much, as the price is determined by the player-run economy, but Bonds will likely settle into a new value reflective of their new real-world cost.

When the price of Bonds increases, will the amount of RuneCoins or Treasure Hunter Keys I can get increase too?

Yes. The amount of RuneCoins and Treasure Hunter Keys that you get from a Bond will increase.

Will the cost of RuneCoins or Treasure Hunter Keys increase?

No. These will stay the same.

What's Premier Club?

Premier Club is a membership offer that we made available each year, allowing you to get a 3, 6 or 12 month term of membership at a great price, along with a load of other in-game rewards and benefits.

Keep an eye out for Mod Mark's Behind the Scenes - December news post for the first details of what Premier Club can offer you this year!

I want to get Premier Club membership but don't want to cancel my existing subscription agreement. Can I do that?

Yes. Paying for Premier Club when you already have an agreement simply pushes back your next rebill date to the end of your Premier Club membership. Once it's finished, your old agreement will take over.

Will the price change affect both Runescape and Old School Runescape?

Access to Old School Runescape is included in your normal subscription. If you start a new Runescape subscription agreement after the date of the price change you will need to pay the increased amount.


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07 Gunz

07 Gunz

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"While the exact amount isn't finalised yet, it will remain competitive when compared to other MMOs. "

You guys have to realize that people play Runescape because it's overall cheaper than other games, correct? I didn't play this game originally because it was $15/month similar to wow, I played it because it was only five dollars (originally). And even if given the ability to pay at a lower rate for existing members, many new players will not join the game to pay more money; when they can pay for something such as wow, skyrim online, and other games out there.

"We allow a 14-day grace period, during which you may start a new subscription agreement and retain any lower subscription rates for which you are eligible. "

I cancel my membership every month, because I don't want it recurring. This better be the case. ^

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Lol this just means I'm gonna get like 2 years of membership right now. Doesn't affect me too much.

I'm totally fine with the price increasing- given that it's not just arbitrarily going up and that it's truly for a good cause.

What I would personally like to see is Jagex combating the people advertising phishing websites (ex. "search this on youtube for 5m giveaway";), as well as the many scammers who say things like "free sharks show inventory". While there ARE existing ways for the players to defend themselves against this (ex. set up a PIN), there are still a handful of players who get hacked or scammed for hours of hard work.

The bottom line here is that it doesn't really matter what the price is, as long as the content and material can be directly proportional to the price. I would MUCH rather have an expensive game with great security and content than a cheap game that advocates scamming and hacking.

For the players, if you don't like the price, don't play.

However, for Jagex - reflection.

Do your players feel safe on this game?
Is the content and bug fixes going to reflect the price increase?
Will the quality and prosperity of the community deteriorate?

All of these really should be yes, except the last one is a maybe because in a sense it's inevitable what the community will do.

In summary - I support the price increase. I feel that the game is fantastic as it is, and I don't mind giving a little more - given that the game does the same.

25-Nov-2014 12:54:43



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I think if it needs to be done it needs to be done, it's the cheapest mmor*g out there at the moment, and the people who play atm it won't affect anyway.

As said in a comment above, if you don't like it, don't play the game. Simple.

25-Nov-2014 13:10:33

Kc Titan

Kc Titan

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Wow dang another money hungry update by Jagex I only play this because its affordable, way to kill off the playerbase again with this stuff.

25-Nov-2014 13:21:54 - Last edited on 25-Nov-2014 13:22:32 by Kc Titan

Lewis Shoot
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Lewis Shoot

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I'm having enough trouble getting my friends to try osrs with the current price, which is pretty high. I really think that this is time for old school and rs3 to get separate membership fees. Many players, like myself, are old school only players, we'd much prefer not having to pay for features in rs3 when we don't use them. Ofc there are some players who play both, thats when you introduce a reduced fee for both games.

- Side note, the membership shown on the forums should show the active membership, whether its osrs or rs3.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
I'm Lewis, I play Old School & I've been playing since 2005.

25-Nov-2014 13:28:07

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