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It should be 5$ - 5€, like the REAL old school runescape.
Unfortunately.. It's 8,50 now. Way too expensive compared to the old days,
soon we'll be paying a full 10$..

My opinion.

Great game tho.
Selling master scroll book, PM me. IGN: Equalz

05-Mar-2015 13:43:44

Pro gressive

Pro gressive

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hmm even tho i came back to membership after a long time I was honestly quite shocked with the prices knowing that there is only a small team on oldschool and there is little cost to this game as compared to rs3. oh well :/

05-Mar-2015 14:58:39

Warme Milch

Warme Milch

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Dear Staff,

Please consider that this game had way more players/members when its development state was as the point that's now traded as "oldscool rs". I'm just guessing, but in my opinion the balance of skilling and trading has been a cruicial point for this. With all your well-meant updates you obviously troubled it. At least until you came to a point where you decided to re-intruduce the '07 version.
The are two possible ways to go. I guess the one you have chosen is the wrong one. Oldschool-rs is a "sure-fire success" (dictionary said so), which means it attracts plenty of players, while you more or less only have to deal with maintenance costs. But only if you sell it at a proper price. And 8,50* ist definitely no proper price.
Maybe an separated method would yield a better gain anyway. But I'm no accountting clerk to determine that.

Best regards

17-Mar-2015 22:21:50



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whatever. use to be $5 in 2006. ok I can deal with 7.95 in 2014.. but im not paying a full $10 for a mother f n runescape. I'd rather invest in a newer, better game than this bs.

once again congratulations Jagex on completely beating the S out of any soul I've had left for runescape

"oh prices don't increase with the 14day grace period." Well, deployments last more than 14 days. not paying for what I can play when I'm gone.

whatever, bye jagex. f n lame

29-Aug-2015 19:06:20



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I would like if you would consider having a separate fee for Old School. It's all I play, and I don't want to waste my money on Bonds. Please consider this as you will keep a lot of the older players around.

16-Nov-2015 14:24:38

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