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Achievement Diary Rewards 2

Following last week's developer blog on achievement diary rewards we've taken on board all of your feedback and made some changes.

The section just below lists the changes we have made as well as going into some detail on requirements, reward items and the achievement diary cape.

The individual sections of the developer blog have also been updated with this information as well as some more specific details in several places.

Change log

• Added full burying experience for the Bonecrusher on completion of the Elite diary.

• Moved new Lunar spells to Hard rewards of the Fremennik diary and specified rune costs.

• Moved noted Dagannoth bones to Elite rewards of the Fremennik diary.

• Replaced increased pay-dirt experience with an increased chance at higher ores from pay-dirt cleaning.

• Moved increased clue scroll chance from Guards to Falador medium rewards.

• Added the cooking guild bank and range to Varrock Hard rewards.

• Clarified the specifics around unfinished potion making.

• Added noted desert goat horns to the Desert rewards.

• Added free access to the Hardwood tree grove to Karamja Elite.

• Reduced Marks of Grace boost on Ardougne diary from 50% to 25%.

• Replaced free daily BA wave skip with a 10% point increase.

• Added some more specific information regarding the Ape Atoll room and Crystal Halberd.

• Moved Crystal Halberd to hard rewards.

• Added the ability to decide which obelisk you teleport to as a Wilderness reward.

• Added faster dark crab fishing as a Wilderness reward.

• Removed increased cannonball smithing time from Morytania rewards.

• Moved the built-in ghost speak amulet to Morytania Legs 2.

• Reduced double runes from barrows to a 50% increase.

• Added a Bonecrusher to Morytania rewards, powered by ecto tokens.

• Mentioned some requirements where possible to address some concerns.

• Adjusted the Lumbridge elite run replenishment from three 100% charges to 6 of 50%.

• Moved Mole Locator to Falador Hard rewards.

• Added a slightly increased chance of enchanted bolts special attacks activating to Kandarin hard rewards.

• Added the Achievement diary cape and it's ability to trim the Quest Cape - These will be polled by as separate questions.

• Added some information regarding item stats and whether or not you need to be wearing the reward item to obtain benefits.


At this point we can't provide definitive requirements for each diary as they're still being written but as a general overview please bare the following in mind.

Easy tasks have little to no skill or quest requirements.

Medium tasks have skill requirements up to 40-50 and intermediate quest requirements.

Hard tasks have skill requirements up to 75 and master quest requirements with some challenging minigame aspects.

Elite tasks have skill requirements ranging from 80-99 and utilise the highest level content in terms of combat, questing and minigames. There are currently less than 100 players who have the requirements to complete all elite tasks.

Reward items

Aside from the Ardougne cloak none of the new items will become best in slot and should mostly be seen as cosmetic items. Whether or not you will need to have the items equipped to obtain certain benefits is yet to be finalized but we will apply common sense. For example, you would need to have Varrock platebody equipped to receive mining and smithing benefits, but not to claim your daily battlestaves.

Achievement Diary cape

While the reward items are, in their own right, a way to show off which Diaries you've completed, if you have completed all of them we'd like to offer you an Achievement diary cape.

We'd also like to offer you the option of having this cape trim the Quest Cape. Both the achievement diary cape and the trimming of the quest cape will be polled separately.


Rewards across all diaries

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Ardougne diary rewards

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Falador diary rewards

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Fremennik diary rewards

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Kandarin diary rewards

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Karamja diary rewards (elite only)

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Kharidian Desert diary rewards

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Lumbridge & Draynor diary rewards

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Morytania diary rewards

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Varrock diary rewards

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Western Provinces diary rewards

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Wilderness diary rewards

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Mods Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Mat K, Reach, Ronan, Weath
The Old School Team

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03-Dec-2014 14:41:17

Evil Oak

Evil Oak

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I'm not too fond of 4k chompy kills taking half the time to do now.

The whole idea behind the Dragon Archer reward hats is to show that players have invested a large portion of time doing something that they enjoy and not just completing diaries to make the actual hunting process quicker.

I fear that making two chompies spawn at once (which effectively halves the time taken whilst hunting) will greatly devalue the rewards from the chompy hunting activity.

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Looking forward to it :D

Join "
Ironman cc
" to work towards the requirements with fellow ironmen :) A great community for ironmen with weekly events and skill competitions, open to anyone.
"Ironman CC" & "Ultimate CC" will enlighten your hard life as an IronMan

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Correct me if I'm wrong Evil Oak But Chompy hunting is pretty much dead content. At least this would increase the interest and revive it. Although two spawning at the same time, does seem a bit much. Maybe a 15% Chance of spawning 2. instead of 100% rate would be better.

03-Dec-2014 15:13:55



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This is sick! Please make the trim on the quest cape the same colour blue that is on the shoulders instead of the red stripe that was polled as a nightmare zone reward. :)

03-Dec-2014 15:13:56

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Disapointed about the faster cannonball smithing removed don't see why it was such a big thing. [gold]*΄¨)Έ.*΄ [/gold][gold] Kilot [/gold]~ Not a Community Helper, I can't help you, sorry. [gold](Έ.*[darkorchid]Zaros will be done, worship the empty lord [/darkorchid]

03-Dec-2014 15:14:04

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