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Red Robin
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Red Robin

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I still play rs3 and have been playing for 9 years. I have still not completed all the elite achievement diaries. I have a couple left to do. I am close to getting 90+ skills though.
91rc in oldschool is something most people will never get... ever. But I honestly don't have a problem with the high requirements in this update. :)

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Just recharged lletya tele crystals but didn't get the 5 charges I'm supposed to. I also tried whilst equipping wilderness banner 4, still didn't work. Was this forgotten?

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Hutchens said:
I don't really want edge furnace. To me it removes the abandoned, far-away feel from edge for various reasons. Not to mention the old bank I've grown partial to. Perhaps the furnace could be placed elsewhere in the area close to a bank? Possibly beside v west with the anvils? Just a suggestion :)

I like your idea of remote abandoned... i noticed the "everybody and their cousin" feel of EoC both in edgy and the revamped Brim/taverly so while i hated the WoW attack interface most, a general feel like this also was too over the top for me.

but moving betwixt Juliet's house and West Bank not exactly keen....
if you want anvil near a forge just put an anvil in lumby forge

what would you think about a forge in the runway between wildy and varrock wall say just west of the earth rune respawn? an NPC banker opening up for his "special friends" (aka V Armor wearers)

I would also like to suggest mini bankers (of which aforesaid NPC could be one) a banker that only deals with a limited number of items from bank... not exactly sure how to determine what he will deal though, one thought would be main banker could assign up to say 32 items that all NPC bankers would handle exclusively, empty slots could be filled to assign it an item at an NPC
or the guy only holds 28 items for you. (
back story he carries them in notes and has note/unnote magic

but a more likely way would be these mini bankers would deal exclusively with a set of items like a store and if your bank has them then you can access them.
in this case the NPC at the north of varrock forge would only deal in coal and ores/bars

this would have the added benefit of discouraging other training at a specialized banker

for a lighter lilt these mini bankers could carry strange stuff too for a story line reason. like the example NPC might sell earth runes that he found laying around (next to the earth rune respawn remember)

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