December - The Month Ahead

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December - The Month Ahead

December is here and we have a lot planned for Old School. The long awaited trading post will be arriving and will be swiftly followed by the return of the Diango's workshop Christmas event. Let's dive into The Month Ahead...


The Trading Post

After weeks of Mod Ash working away at the Trading Post it is now planned for release on Thursday 11th December.

The trading post will allow you to advertise items that you wish to sell to other players across all worlds. You can then arrange a trade with someone that wishes to buy your items, or someone that you wish to buy items from, and access items that you are selling in the trading post from within the trade screen.

To prevent any abuse of this system you must be in a bank area in order to access items being sold in the trading post from the trade screen.

Using the trading post

Getting to grips with using the trading post is very easy. The interfaces are very clear and everything works in an intuitive manner. With this said, it does require an awful lot of images to show the different stages. In order to keep this post at a reasonable length, we've hidden the how-to sections of this blog below. Click the relevant headings to see the step-by-step process of selling or buying items with the help of the trading post.


Selling an item

(click the heading to expand)


Buying an item

(click the heading to expand)


Item sets

(click the heading to expand)

Next week's update is set to be the release of the trading post and a great way to kick the month off.


Poll 28 content

We have a few pieces of content from poll 28 that will be delivered this month. In order to make sure that our focus is fully on the trading post for next week's update, we plan on introducing the poll 28 content, alongside the Christmas event, the following week.


Christmas in Old School

For Christmas this year we are reviving the 2005 Christmas event: Diango's workshop. This event is one that always has people reminiscing and screaming about how much they loved it back in the day so it only seemed fitting to see it come to Old School this year.

In addition to bringing back Diango's workshop, we will be holding a 12 days of Christmas event offering something new over the holiday. You'll be able to get your hands on some additional rewards and experience some brand new, temporary, Christmas-y content.

We'll also be hosting a number of livestreams over the course of the holiday distributing masses of party hats and santa hats. If you are wondering about the specifics of the streams, wonder no more... These are the dates and times we currently have in mind:

    Thursday 18th: 6:00pm - Mod Ronan
    Friday 19th: 7pm - Mod Mat K
    Saturday 20th: 8pm - Mod Archie
    Sunday 21st: 9pm - Mod Mat K

    Monday 22nd: 10pm - Mod Mat K
    Tuesday 23rd: 11pm - Mod Mat K
    Saturday 27th: Midnight - Mod Ronan

    Monday 29th: 1am - Mod Ronan
    Tuesday 30th: 2am - Mod Ronan
    Wednesday 31st: 10am - Mod Archie

We will be spawning anti-santa and santa to have them battle it out. You will be able to join in and help out your chosen santa with the loser exploding into a mass of party hats and santa hats. Make sure you come along to get your hands on some of the loot and to help your santa of choice take the win.


Name the snake boss contest

The snake boss is planned for early January 2015 and we still don't have a name. To remedy this, we are going to be holding a naming contest to give the community an opportunity to name the snake.

We want you to come up with the best, snakiest names you can come up with and send them to us over at You must include "Snake Boss Contest" in the title of the email and please include your RuneScape name. See the terms and conditions of the contest here.

The winner of this contest will, of course, get to see the snake boss added to Old School with the name chosen by them. The winner will also have an NPC in the newly added, snake-related area named after them.

We will be selecting a few of the best names that we receive to be polled in the near future. The poll will decide the winner of the contest.

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Can not wait for the christmas event :D

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December looks like a great month, personally cannot wait to try the snake boss when it's out and begin using the trading post. :D
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