OSRS in 2015

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Hymn-Weekend said:
As a player who has been fighting for having a better trading system. I Hope for the best the G.E will pass. G.E is just that one update we MUST have in order to get this game going somewhere...

You Jmods need to clear up how this game is NOTHING like it used it and it's just old school anymore. And you may even need to consider changing this names games To runescape 2.

The 3 things that will help this game grow for sure are:

3.Resziable mode

Cant wait.

As a player who likes to read coherent bodies of text, I wish for you to learn how to write a sentence.

03-Jan-2015 23:06:14



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Does anyone else not want Achievement diaries in old school 2015?

It's just meh. Extra un-completed clutter to look at on my screen for forever. Not fun to do the achievements. It just doesnt need to exist.

If you like them for the rewards that's a different story I guess. But they could
be given from any other timesink they could implement.

04-Jan-2015 01:04:51

Fosh Mom
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Fosh Mom

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sirju said:

Penguin hide and seek was good community fun as well

- Penguin Hide and Seek is one of the activities that rewards people with easy xp in RS3. Easy xp was one of the main complaints people had when they requested bringing back Old School. No more easy xp rewards on Old School please. It's bad enough that we have the problems that came with NMZ.

- Good catch on that last line of the News & Update post "OSRS in 2015"! I normally catch those things too, but read right over it this time. You have a good editing eye!
"With all the exciting things planned for 2015, we expect this year to be even more successful than 2015."

04-Jan-2015 15:07:12

Fosh Mom
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Fosh Mom

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The Matrix said:

The Grand Exchange is Oldschool.

No, as
Viktor 36
said above, Trading Post is more OLD SCHOOL.

If the Grand Exchange had been Old School, it would have been put in when Old School was brought back, but as you might have noticed it was not.

I remember when they first put in the Grand Exchange. The result was a ruined economy for the community. Prices fell drastically for skilled items, and skillers found they paid a huge price for the convenience of not meeting up to make trades. However, it did seem to be a huge help for merchers and bots. Merchant clans did their best to manipulate prices and the RS economy. Some of the very manipulative leaders drove down prices on certain items so they could horde them, then raised prices HIGH when they sold back to the community. (Those manipulative leaders benefited greatly, but I don't know how much their clan members benefited. I heard a lot of complaining from people who left merchant clans because they felt they had been scammed.)

I understand some people not wanting to bother meeting up to trade and the motivation of merchers to make money, but this game is OLD SCHOOL.
When it is time for the poll, please VOTE to protect OLD SCHOOL from the harm
that a Grand Exchange can cause and VOTE NO to Grand Exchange.

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I Cup Colors
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I Cup Colors

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Okay I guess I'll give my two cents on all this.


I was one of the people that didn't want OSRS to have the Grand Exchange in the beginning of OSRS, however the nostalgia of playing OSRS was really front loaded. When it first began, everything was amazing, and without a grand exchange we had to work as a community, but now nobody is working as a community and a lot of the nostalgia is gone, since the game has gone through so many game-changing updates.

If Oldschool wants to survive, and I really want to see it survive, we have to move forward with the grand exchange. It's inefficient and sloppy to have anything less, like the BS we call the trading post now. If you're going to do it, do it right and go forward with the Grand Exchange.


Also for those who are saying they would quit if the GE was implemented, no you won't and if you do, well fine. Losing a few players to gain many more and preserve the life of OSRS, sounds worth it to me. Beyond that you were never a true RuneScape fan if you're willing to quit over something like that.

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