Dev Blog: The G.E. Part 2

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If this succeeds I'll vote no with my wallet :)

Edit: Actually, I'm done. It's quite clear if the G.E doesn't pass Jagex will keep putting out polls for something akin to the Grand Exchange until it passes.


I'm out.

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apathy risen said:
that's nice when 10k people quit for the lose of the wilderness the issue wasn't the ge because they returned the wilderness and guess what THEY ALL CAME BACK! so as for the loss of a few due to the GE is not because the GE ruined OSRS but because people don't want to lose their scamming abilities along with their outlandish pricing. People already use the tradepost and before that zybez price guide for the SAME EXACT THING AS THE GE IS!!!! so why are you acting like its an issue because it crushed interaction? when I trade people all it is is world hop then grab the cash get the items and leave barely any interaction there.

Good one.

10k people no.

two hundred thousand would be online back then.

The numbers right now are 71k many of which are in the lobby. Imagine the number back in 07 if it had a lobby.

12-Jan-2015 19:40:35



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Hadz said:
People keep saying that they want OSR to stay old school. but what is a game without constant updates and new features? It'll just get boring and THAT'S when people will actually start quitting. For those saying that G.E isn't old school, it was infact released 26 november 2007. Which fits in the name 'runescape 2007' dont you think? People also are complaining that it will remove player interaction.. Go to world 301 and see all the player interactions happening in varrock west. You lag from the amount of spamming that is happening. The only player interaction you have is when the seller asks what item you want and you reply with the item + amount. For a poll as big as this to fail because of 1% (74%-26%) will be unfair for those who actually want the G.E.
Personally for me i think the grand exchange is the way to go.
and to confirm for those who don't know how to read, Jagex are NOT setting price limits etc. This poll has 33k votes and counting on the first day. You'd think that it's reasonable to introduce the g.e if we get 74% and not the passing rate of 75% compared to the past polls of 17k, 20k votes etc.*

**..I wonder how games like Pokemon got so successful despite not getting updates.

I'm all for updates but rehashing the same content?

Oldschool Runescape : 100% regurgitated content!

13-Jan-2015 06:06:24

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