Dev Blog: The G.E. Part 2

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Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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Rain of Life said:
Mod Ronan said:
Mod Ash isn't at his desk right now so I can't ask him for the specific details but he has said that cross-world trading with the trading post would be incredibly problematic and is likely never going to happen.
Mod Ash probably stated that for sanding trades through the trading post. I'm 100% sure that you CAN send items crossworld. How do I know that? GE does exactly that and you propose it to us exactly as it was originally. Otherwise we would have to hop in order to buy an item through GE.

The game can send limited information cross-world. Such as six slots of:
- item type
- item quantity
- desired price
- quantity already sold.
Obviously that's why a trading post or GE can work at all.

However, we can't send more detailed information such as "Player X is standing in the west Falador bank on w313 and wishes to take 1000 of the 2000 fire runes being sold by Player Y who's on w301".

When you buy through a GE, the game isn't trying to match your buy offer with any specific player's sell offer. It just matches items based on price, etc. To make the Trading Post go cross-world while still caring whose items you're buying, we'd need to get the Engine team to change that. I gather from them that this is a pretty big challenge for them. So if that's what you want, you may as well vote for a GE. Many of you clearly plan to anyway.

However, if you actually like knowing whose items you're buying so that you can, e.g. avoid goldfarmer accounts, trade preferentially with your favourite people, etc. or if you just don't like the other effects of a GE in the game (item flipping anyone?) then you'll be able to vote for a Trading Post expansion that offers this as well as possible.

And in future maybe we'd be able to get enough of the engine team's help to make it go cross-world, though we aren't promising that right now.

12-Jan-2015 16:45:50

Mod Ash

Mod Ash

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27cass said:
Where is the poll question to allow for REAL trading through the trading post?

Like where when you put in an order, it can be accepted by anyone else with no further actions needed by you, except picking up your money later. You don't need to be in a bank, you can be anywhere. Why aren't we polling this as a possible trading post update?

That's kinda what the fall-back is, as described in the blog. The plan, again as described in the blog, is to poll that if the GE doesn't pass.

12-Jan-2015 16:51:48

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