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Plasma Aaron

Plasma Aaron

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An easy fix for all of the arguing about free runes in Castle Wars, simply don't give out the higher-end runes, like deaths or bloods. That way the mages can still have lower quality free runes, but it won't be completely free to cast some of the better spells.

Also, Castle Wars was one of the main places that I sold runes at as a RuneCrafter in pre-EoC, making the higher end runes free would crash the market on them considerably, even though it's just in the minigame.

04-Jan-2014 19:17:05

Food Forest
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Food Forest

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I like the additions to castle wars. It's my favorite mini game. Most of the ideas purposed sound good to me. I also wonder if by any chance the mini game of Conquest could be added in. It's a very underrated mini game and has friendly and staked duels that are wonderful if you actually understand the game. Thanks.

06-Jan-2014 04:50:08

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